Escape Room Mystery Word Answers

This page is created for the only purpose of sharing Escape Room Mystery Word Answers, Cheats and Solutions. “Escape Room: Mystery Word” is definitely the game that every  word admirer has been looking for. The best thing about this game is that it is not just a word game but every feature of it is brought in an innovative way. In general it is a game which develops around  word guessings spelling, vocabulary and brain challenges. But that is not all, “Escape Room” is a word game that offers for every player a great adventure full of excitement, challenges and entertainment.

Once you get this game in your device you have been assigned a very difficult mission because you will be locked in a strange room. In front of you there will be a closed door and next to the door there is a security device where you need to write the” mystery word” in order to pass that door and move to another one. The good news is that you will not be left alone and hopeless. In each level in the room there will be specific objects and items. In this case you have to use your brain to connect the meaning of the objects with the code or the mystery word that will open the door. Focus and observe carefully every object near you, think about the connections, guess the possible word and try creating the correct word in order to escape.